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Wei: McCoy is afraid of confronting us

The particular Seattle Seahawks gamers are obviously nonetheless immersed in the particular joy of defeating the Philadelphia Eagles. Earlier Richard Sherman declared that the Hawks’ wide receivers happen to be not threatening. At this point linebacker Bobby- Bobby Wagner (Bobby Wagner) again geared towards LeSean McCoy (LeSean McCoy).

Wagner said: ‘I want to know what McCoy is thinking every time he holds the ball. I recall a defensive position whenever he found an area and broke through our front collection. When he and even me For a moment, he did not choose to find eliminate or help make physical contact, nevertheless fell directly to be able to the ground. I do think he was scared of confronting us all. This is certainly not the proper way to play. ‘

Hanging around, cheap football jerseys free shipping McCoy obtained 50 yards with the ball 19 times. The Eagles offensive team just advanced for 139 yards, setting the new single-game small since Chip Kelly coached. In typically the facing the Seahawks defensive group, the Hawks could not necessarily find an approach to break through. Found in the end, the audience was suppressed and grudgingly swallowed the defeat. On the some other hand, the Seahawks, as several key players inside the shielding group returned through injury, they re-showed their dominant protecting performance last time of year. The consecutive wins in recent weeks give us cause to believe that these people are capable associated with winning the last championship.

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