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Brick look tile is a fantastic way to bring a commercial feel to any area while maximizing your spending plan. They are much lighter than actual brick, so brick tile is an ideal addition to a wall. You can use them in the kitchen area as a brick tile backsplash or in a living area for a loft-style appearance.

Brick floor tiles are resilient and they offer a special aim to any location. You could use them in a kitchen, mudroom, or even basement. They are moisture resistant and don’t show dirt quickly, making them perfect for a house with kids or pets.

If you are looking to make your area look more rustic or commercial consider using a brick look tile on your wall or brick flooring tile throughout your house.

Faux Panels are made from a high-density polyurethane. Our panels and siding are molded from actual rock, stone, brick and wood, so they are lightweight, resilient, reasonable and easy to set up. Whether you are a house owner or contractor, you can install our items yourself for a fraction of the expense and time. We provide the biggest selection of faux decorative stone wall panels and siding on the market today!

Looking for a stone alternative for your next project? With our faux stone panels it’s never ever been easier to get the natural stone look you want, without the hassle or expense of handling the genuine thing. Our choice of natural stone cladding is long lasting, light-weight, easy to install, low expense and is constructed to endure. Plus, every synthetic stone product is made right here in the USA!

Why the plaster base tile/veneers/3D panels are best choice?


Can be utilized for interior walls, fireplace surrounds, over drywall, concrete, and wood.

Finest interior design service. The beautiful gypsum stone veneer exactly imitates the genuine appearance, shape, and color of natural stone.

Big range of split texture surfaces.

Big variety of patterns and ledges.

Large variety of shapes and sizes.

Ecologically friendly, and expense effective.

It is lighter, it is thinner, it is only 20% the weight of standard stone veneer.

Perfect item for your first Do-It-Yourself project.

Can be installed by most house handymen with a minimal understanding of structure and construction.

High fire resistance.

Can be utilized to cover imperfect walls given that it can be used directly over unfinished drywall with a premixed tile adhesive, cement board, cinder block, thin brick for interior walls, cement, or lathe & scratch coat combination, without any additional structural assistance or the usage of machinery.

Can be painted.

It is extremely advised to purchase a sample.

All costs per box (excluding samples).

All “Gypsum JOY” products on this website are designed and HAND-MADE made in USA.

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