USA car Flags are available in two categories highway flags and city driving flags in most of the top selling stores for the customers. All of our American-made flagpoles are manufactured right here in the USA. The national or USA state flags, renamed as “old glory”, represent not just one but all countries that lie within the boundary. In effect, the 2018 version and the 2021 version will be sister versions, one hexed and one not. The 2018 Edition of these rules were essentially an update to my old home brew ACW hex based rules, which were well over 10 years old. The 2018 edit did bring some restructuring of the Close Combat procedures and this slightly reduced the number of testing steps, while preserving design intent. Core design principles have been to favour fun over simulation, but with results and a flow of play reflecting the way that official accounts of battle often read, so that narrative is preserved.

My ACW rules, Two garden flags with cardinals – One Nation have been around in hex format for some time. Much remained familiar, but they picked up some new mechanics from my more recent rule designs, in particular the napoleonic rules (Eagles at Quatre Bras), as I attempted to merge several aspects of the two sets together. By moving away from the 4″ hex in this edition, now any scale of figure is easier to work with and the 2021 rules use two sets of measurements to embrace that. A second scenario, the fictional ‘Action at Mill Creek’, has also been carried over from the last edition, which works well as a sort of starter scenario that also offers a useful generic Random Events Table that can be used in ‘design your own’ games. Entering 2021, the rules are again going through the cycle of a new edition, this time to produce a sister set that will allow the system to be played on an open table rather than hexed. I have updated the DropBox page with the 2021 version of the rules. After considering several ways of dealing with elites (most making them too powerful), I settled on a system that basically have them being the same as veteran, but each unit starts the game with 2 x d6 in their bank, so to speak.

Capability – The use of ‘unit capability’ is central to the system. On the question of elite units, I did not want to include a fourth category because the 2D6 system for testing capability has a bell curve that would give a 4th category far more advantage that I wanted to show. The first scenario ever designed for the original system was McPherson Ridge, which has always given a good game and so here, once again, it makes an appearance, as it has proven to be a good bench mark in measuring the effects of new ideas and rule tweaks. As to what exactly “better service” is will depend on a lot of things, but there are some pretty good signs that you can look out for. Ingenuity and straightforwardness are more fundamental than uniting complex illustrations that may end up decimating the general effect. The complexity should sit at the lower end of the spectrum, using easily implemented abstraction based mechanics. I was using a 4″ hex, so the basis and starting point of conversion was to translated 4″ increments of movement and weapon range to the open table for the 12mm scale that I was using and 6″ for 28mm that I also collect.

In this most recent version (2021), I have converted them over to an open table format while taking the opportunity to change a few things. You can get started on your display with one of our free templates, design your own flag with our easy-to-use online designer, upload your own artwork, or have one of our professional designers create the finished product for you. Although some people perceived the rebel flag as a symbol of racism, other people knew that it does not mean to connote negative on this symbol of rebellion, but rather than that, people bought it because they liked the design and their favorite musicians, artists and a lot of performers saw a potential in rebel flags as a symbol of rebellion in a non- racist meaning. I just need a little more time with it before making it available, but in the meantime, here are the updated design notes, included with the rules, that bring us up to date. We were looking for something a little smaller as we didn’t complete St Albans as it was so large a game the previous week and neither of us wanted to be up quite so late!

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