Most pros use 1-1/4-in. zinc-coated roofing nails. If it doesn’t, cut a block of wood the same size as your reveal and use that as a gauge. If the overhang is more than a foot, cut some off and use the remainder elsewhere. Cut the shingles to size with a utility knife fitted with hook blades. No one will notice if the last rows are not the same size on both sides of the ridge, but it can be very noticeable if the row that meets the ridge has a 4-in. reveal on one side and a 1-in. reveal on the other. Architectural shingles are easier to install because you don’t have to worry about lining up the tabs vertically. It’s easier to work from right to left if you’re right-handed. Roofing is also a big investment that needs to be done right. Our objective is to guard your home, your investment and prevent money.

Now stick with me, we’re gonna do both: make a lot of money and change a lot of lives. Dimensional are a lot of heavier with prolonged warranties. Are you suffering from a rook leak? If the specific business you are searching for is not in our directory, Decking you can submit a request to add it! BBB provides Business Profiles for as many businesses as we can, but we don’t have every business in our directory. Protecting and sealing a roof with reflective aluminum asphalt roof coating, Karnak 97. Chris Huettig provides step by step application demonstration while providing helpful product information. We’ll provide you with as much information and you will need, plus some, in order to make an educated decision. A professional roofing contractor should be familiar with the different types of roofing systems, to help you make the best decision for your company, based on your budget. Cold ice or strong winds can make an easy repair into a serious accident. Trust Achten’s Quality Roofing with your roof repair and replacement needs. Achten’s Quality Roofing provides commercial and residential customers with superior roof cleaning service with exceptional results. This provides an additional barrier if water does get past the flashing.

The structures supporting the roof must be assessed to prevent the water from entering the property. If you need help with choosing the right roof coating type for your property give our team of professional roofing contractors a call today! You should not need to worry that the property insurance will likely be charged is a workers falls out of your roof and is also injured. The pitch of your roof and the wind conditions in your area also affect how many nails to use and where. Use partial shingles to start subsequent rows. When you reach the ridge, use the same technique as you did with the felt paper: Wrap the first side over the top, and then wrap the second side over the first. Whatever the reveal is supposed to be, snap a horizontal line that distance from the top of the first row of shingles (see Figure A, above). If one side is closer to the peak than the other, snap lines for all the remaining rows, making the reveal on one side progressively larger until you make up the difference.

Then snap a chalk line and trim them off with a hook blade in your utility knife. If you hire local people then they might avoid answering your call and since they don’t have a fixed office. After we’ve properly prepared our roof surface, we can begin with the base coat (usually gray, so we can see where we’ve applied the finish coat properly), and then comes the beautiful, and very reflective (LEED Compliant) white top coat. Some can handle winds up to 150 mph, which is twice the wind rating of many three-tab shingles. For nice straight lines, run shingles over the edge of the roof. Nail straight into the shingle, and adjust the setting on your gun or the pressure on your compressor so the nails pull the shingle tight to the decking but stay flush with the surface. Your roofing gun should have an adjustable guide to help keep the rows straight. When you find a roofer that will help you along with your roofing project, always ask what he needs on your part at the time from the repair or replacement.

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