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Japanese electronics giant Sony is also expected later this year to launch a new plasma screen TV set that will tune in streaming video from home networks and the Internet, in a project called id=”995467″>Altair. On2 will provide the video compression and decompression technology for the television.

In addition, VP6 improves image quality by up to 40 percent compared with its predecessor and uses up to 50 percent less CPU (central processing unit) power than VP5, creating faster performance on semiconductors, the company said.

The best workout underwear for women largely boils down to personal preference, but my picks all have limited show, include moisture-wicking fabric and shouldn’t move out of place while you’re working out — all things your gift recipient would be excited about.

EXPERT VERDICT: ‘This is robust with a comfy grip, and it glides over muscles effectively,’ says Tim Allardyce.

‘You can use it over tight, tense muscles around the body. I found it was comfortable and therapeutic for my tense neck muscles.’

The hearing was told that such perforations were a rare complication in the UK, with about three to five cases in the past decade, but that it might be more common abroad.

They are recommended for travelers sitting still for more than three or four hours at a time. Graduated compression enhances circulation, with higher levels at the ankle and lower leg up through the calf and knee.

Knee-high compression socks for flying socks for travelers have a soft elastic band that helps them stay in place throughout the flight. They come in a variety of colors and styles to resemble regular dress socks.

Travel socks are specially designed to minimize risk of blood clot development during long airplane flights and driving trips.

Serving up some style! Laura Dundovic leaves little to the imagination in a very…





Natalie Roser flaunts her incredible bikini body on location…

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‘Harley’s gone to work and now I’m just waiting in my compression socks,’ she said, referring to her actor boyfriend Harley Bonner. Natalie Roser shows off her flawless bikini body as she… Natalie Roser shows off her abs in a…

Whether you want to get compression socks or compression stockings, you can find the best items by going online.  Here there is the biggest selection of items that are made for this purpose. They come in various colors as well as sizes.  Indeed, there are many from which to choose and those that are suited for all occasions.


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The bag’s polycarbonate shell means it’s ‘virtually indestructible’ (the firm claims ‘you can sit and jump on it’) and it comes with a three-digit combination lock and USB charging port.

Cryotherapy Centers of America

Michael Phelps, Floyd Mayweather, LeBron James and many other professional athletes have turned to the same technique to soothe sore muscles and speed up times. Kind of like a new-age ice bath, cryotherapy uses subzero temperatures to promote pain relief and muscle healing —  but does the science support it?

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