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When my house was destroyed I needed something to assist me in relaxing and getting rid of some of the anxiety. It was getting increasingly difficult to fill out insurance forms and worrying about the next house we’d build were getting to me. This is something many of us can relate to in this time of the pandemic. For some time, I’ve been contemplating the possibility of building an arcade one ups, www.continuousops.com, Cabinet but haven’t made the time. Because I have nothing in my life I decided to make it a hobby. I watched YouTube videos, talked with friends, and looked on the web for info about how to build one and what I’d need. My stress-relief project was discovered! The purpose of this blog post isn’t to say that I am an expert on building Arcade cabinets not at all I am more sharing my experience since I started from having no idea and had questions that I faced that I needed to go to multiple places to find the answers, and this should hopefully give someone valuable information and assist them. It was apparent from talking to other people that I needed to know what I desired from an Arcade machine. There are some who take their work seriously! It is their primary hobby, or, sometimes, their entire livelihood. Although I knew that it was not something I would take seriously, I had some ambitions. Easy to construct given that I had no tools further, however I needed something to do that would be fun to build. Multi-platform games. I had numerous systems in my younger years and included the ZX Spectrum, Amiga 500 600 and 1200, CD32 and Super Nintendo. I also had the Commodore 64 Amiga 500, 600 1, 1600, 1200, CD32 as well as CD32. Megadrive (Genesis), Master System, Megadrive (Genesis) along with several other systems from the past. It didn’t appear like a toy and I was not forced to bend an unnatural angle to play. A unique design, something that was original. Based on my objectives, I was able to make important choices regarding the design of my cabinet. When making your cabinet, you must be asking yourself similar questions. What kind of cabinet do you wish to construct? There are many kinds of cabinets, from pre-built 1up arcade machines and bar-top cabinets to full size arcade machines as well as a variety of variations of them. I decided to build a complete arcade cabinet. I was looking for something that I could stand and play in, something that had a nostalgic sensation. Since I didn’t own any tools whatsoever and wanted to avoid the cost of purchasing wood cutting equipment, I chose to build an Arcade Cabinet Kit. They are available from numerous companies. A simple Google search will yield many. There is also the option of finding the type of cabinet you want near your house or delivered to your home. I bought the LVL32J 2 Player Arcade Upright Cabinet Kit that can accommodate up to 32” screen. Below are the steps I made to construct my cabinet, along with some photos to assist you The most important factor to be aware of is to be patient and have fun. Double verify everything before doing it… 1. Unpack your cabinet and ensure you have all of the pieces and an understanding of what they are. 2. Place one side on the ground (on the blanket) and place them in each support beam to ensure you have them in the right places Once you’re sure, that you are sure, use wood glue to attach them. 5. Since this is MDF and paint likes to be absorbed into the wood, I added a couple of coats of primer over the unit. I also decided to sand it down to make sure it was completely smooth prior to applying the final layer of primer. 7. Then, I painted the cabinet black using a roller and a paint brush. This ensures that any issues with my art work would be taken care of. Also, it protects the edges from T Molding if it is not being used. 8. The exciting next step… Artwork. I was looking for Tron Legacy for my cabinet. The cabinet maker was very secure with his templates, therefore I measured and created my own measurements. I then sent them to Fiverr with a brief explanation of the way I wanted my artwork designed. 9. The artwork was received quickly and, after a couple of revisions, it precisely what I wanted I downloaded the raw images and looked for an area near me which could print them on the following Material: 3M IJ35 Laminate 3M 8510 Matte I did this in order to help local businesses during this difficult moment and also so that I was able to ask questions regarding the process, as it was my first experience. Cattos Graphics was super helpful. They helped me every step of the way and then made a few adjustments to make sure it was perfect.

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