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Look for Paul to wear Kevin’s Richie’s Rebels shirt at the Finale, since Kevin left it for him. If she is the last one to join the Jury after being evicted live on the Finale, m.chaturbate will she use her crutches to hobble out onstage? Paul did not use the PoV, of course, and I saw Kevin’s eye twitch, and he looked pale. I could see a twinge of sadness on Kevin’s face, but he recovered politely, and carried on like the showman that he is. And then it was Christmas’ Big Moment, and that moment stretched into minutes that seemed like HOURS until finally she sent Kevin out to his fate with Julie. Then Mark jumped in, saying he’s never seen a puppet master who never won anything and Raven attacked Mark, saying he’s “won nothing but to throw condiments at Josh”. I told him he had nothing to offer me.

Does Paul really think the Jurors won’t discuss his outlandish lies told during every good bye message? Paul’s hairy head bobbing during these good bye messages makes me mad every time I see it. To see if there is anyway of controlling my seizures without killing my kidneys. Kevin left like a gentleman, of course, telling everyone to enjoy themselves, and there are no hard feelings. And some girls do get stuck carrying heavy loads, fixing their flat tires, etc. because they just are unfortunate enough for other people to ignore them (whether because they’re around unfriendly people, or guys don’t find them “attractive” enough to help). 7) At some point in this women, you may find you feel like you have to pee. To truly satisfy your guy you have to be ready to do what other women find “disgusting” or “yukee”. Experiment and find out what your woman likes best.

Well I can’t find a lot of information about that — basically the usual stuff about how it is more than everybody else. YouTube has a lot of search inventory. Instead, he’s headed off to a hotel, and he will join the rest of the Jury on a set on the CBS lot to film the Jury round table some time today or tomorrow. They’ve set up Paul to be The Villain, and these Jurors to be The Heroes, so it’s a win-win either way for the network. I think Howard would tell Matt not to give her his full name and number, but it’s way too late for Matt to heed that advice. Howard Stern always said that the crazy girls with Daddy issues were the ones to hook up with for the best cam show sex, so maybe Matt could testify to that. Julie: www sexxx com You’re probably the best dresser we’ve ever had on Big Brother.

Kevin: I’m probably the ONLY dresser you’ve ever had on here. Paul said that if Kevin is seeing this, then “Christmas went rogue” and Kevin indicated he agreed with that. And then I knew. I’m not sure he discussed the PoV plans with Paul, but he did indicate that Christmas needed to leave, so Paul knew that if Kevin was replaced on the block with Christmas, she would be the one to go. But Josh said he had a deal with Paul and Christmas, and getting Kevin out was their final goal. They just think Paul picked the weakest duo to drag to the end with him, because that is what he did, and that will be a bittersweet lesson for Josh and Christmas to learn next week as the season comes to an end. And for whatever reason, Paul wanted to drag Christmas just a little further in the game.

Elena: Well, we’ve all helped Paul pull the strings he wanted to pull. Elena: No it’s not It’s GORDON. It’s really irritating to me that Christmas is in this situation, being the one to cast the sole vote live on TV. Yep, that happened. Andy is concerned that Christmas will leave the house owing hundreds of thousands of dollars. FUN FACT: Last night on RHAP (a GREAT episode), Andy Herren said that McCrae left the game in this same spot during BB15, and he never went to the Jury House either. One devastation is at the night of Brahma and one final devastation is the whole cosmic manifestation finished. Andy also said that the girls in the Jury were so aggravated with Amanda that they made a pact not to vote for McCrae to win if he made Final Two. As we’ve learned, everyone in the Jury (except Cody) had a final three deal with Paul, so I don’t think they are going to think Josh is so special because of that. You can also pass your own special skills, storehouse of knowledge, and interests on to your children. But they can watch movies, and maybe read a novel or something, so it’s not all bad.

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