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Casino X bonuses – great deals for players

How do I get and how do I use my bonuses?

Absolutely all users at Casino X get a variety of bonuses. The management of Casino X gives away freespins, deposit increases, as well as organizes promotions and all sorts of tournaments. If you need to get a promotional code at Casino-X, all you need to do is to complete your registration: that's how you'll be able to receive your bonuses.

How do I get Casino X bonus code?

The Casino-X Daily Bonus Code is one of the best ways to get promotional news and offers.  Everything you need to know is right there.  The newsletters also include a link to the Casino X actual mirror. Opt-in to receive our newsletters when you register to stay in the game!

At Casino X you will receive a promotional code by email or text message.

The loyalty programme is designed to help users for a long time.  New gamblers at Casino X can receive a gift on their first deposit and more: up to 10!

How do I get an exclusive Casino X bonus code?

All players can receive a special surprise for their birthday: a no deposit bonus from Casino X!  You need to contact Support three days before and three days after your birthday. All you need to do is verify your identity and documents. After that, the bonus will be promptly credited to your account.

The amount is equal to Casino X rubles. They will be a great gift for all gamblers.

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