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A lot of individuals have appreciated the health and comfort benefits of massage over recent years. Massage can be an excellent way to get in touch with others and to feel great. But, there are a number of people that still wonder if they’re doing their part to help relieve anxiety, and when massage is really beneficial. Various studies have shown that massage helps relieve stress and that massage gains really last more than those achieved through other methods. They are also different from conventional massage and reflexology offers different benefits for the individual.

Reflexology utilizes the palms, thumbs and palms to excite and target points on the human body. In reflexology the processes used are to make use of the fingers, thumbs and palms mostly, using only the hands, elbows and knees when necessary. Reflexology spas provide...

Massage is now an integral part of most contemporary sports therapy practices, from high school gyms, to specialist gym training rooms, even to Olympic training centers. Massage is no longer an optional ingredient for a full-body workout. Trainers in various sports now are routinely getting massage as part of the sports instruction so as to build and maintain peak performance. Why? Because it works!

When an athlete gets injured, it can impact performance and lead to distress or pain. Even if the injury is slight, the negative effects of an athlete’s performance could be catastrophic. So just how does massage help? During a thorough pre-event massage...
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