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The new faces were Trevor Rowley who introduced his spouse, and as Sam Williams was at one other occasion his dad and mom stood in for him with his books. 2017’s Battle Abbey re-enactment marked the combating on Saturday, 14th October (and Sunday, 15th), marking Harold’s heroic stand, 951 years on to the day that the day-long battle ended on Caldbec Hill, recognized to posterity because the ‘Battle of Hastings’. 2016 noticed more authors than standard at Battle Abbey on fifteenth-16th October to mark the battle’s 950th 12 months, give brief talks about their books and sign copies. Seated together on the stage we additionally took questions from the flooring on each days and – hopefully – glad queries. With me over the 2 days as common had been Joanna Courtney, James Aitcheson, Glynn Holloway and Marc Morris. Additionally we had Clare Mulley, Justin Hill, Roy Porter, Neil Clephane-Cameron, Christopher Gravett and Keith Ford to offer their insights.

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